What is EGAKU?

EGAKU is an art program built on repeating the process of 'seeing art' and 'creating art'. Seeing art is not to pass judgement, and creating art is not the pursuit of approval. Instead, within these twin experiences of art exist 'dialogue' 'discovery' and 'expression.' Through EGAKU, participants experience these three elements through the acts of 'seeing' and 'creating' art.  Repeated practice nurtures our capacity for dialogue, discovery and expression - restoring and hightening our creative confidence. Like keeping your body fit, it's all about cultivating a creative habit. The EGAKU learning experience is not about being taught by the instructor, there are no predetermined learning outcomes. Although there are certain constraints around time and Program rules, these have been designed to empower participants to shape their experience through their own actions. The interaction amongst participants is also an important feature of EGAKU and an important source of inspiration and insight. Communicating through seeing and creating art can sometimes be a more effective way of communicating different ideas and perspectives than more direct forms of communication, generating deep insights in the process.

Anyone can draw a picture. It is a completely natural and human act. Moreover it's incredibly fun. Follow your curiosity and see what new possibilities you discover inside yourself, what kind of artwork emerges from within you. It's up to you to nurture your creativity.


Initially started for children in 2002, we launched the EGAKU Program in 2004 for business professionals. Since 2008, our work with business professionals and corporations has continued to grow.  With over 10,000 participants to date, EGAKU has attracted interest as a program for people of all ages and backgrounds. 



EGAKU Participant Interviews

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