ART at the center of the EARTH

The phrase, “Art at the center of the Earth,” indicates the process of creating a thriving society through art by connecting the 3 E's representing Education, Environment, Entertainment to the H's of Humanity, Harmony, Happiness and Hope. This is the very concept behind artist Kunihiko Yazawa’s art practice.

With Yazawa’s philosophy of ‘Art at the center of the Earth’ at the heart of E-lab, we aim to create through our art practice a thriving society where all people can enjoy “the happiness of creating the future”, “the capacity to truly appreciate beauty,” and “making connections that transcend language."

What We Do

We deliver art programs which sharpen our senses and sense of beauty, nurture creativity and empower 

  • Empowering youth: nurturing the next generation to create their own futures in an increasingly complex and uncertain world
  • Empowering social entrepreneurs: supporting social entrepreneurs working to solve urgent global challenges
  • Catalyzing global dialogue: create spaces for dialogue and connection which transcend race, gender, nationality, religion, language

We create platforms to support art-based learning and creative ways of life

  • Research, publishing and professional development programs
  • Event, exhibition planning and management
  • Curriculum design and knowledge transfer for schools