ART at the center of the EARTH

The phrase, “Art at the center of the Earth,” indicates the process of creating a thriving society through art by connecting the 3 E's representing Entertainment, Education, Environment to the H's of Humanity, Harmony, Happiness and Hope. This is the very concept behind artist Kunihiko Yazawa’s art practice.

With Yazawa’s philosophy of ‘Art at the center of the Earth’ at the heart of E-lab, we aim to create through our art practice a thriving society where all people can enjoy “the happiness of creating the future”, “the capacity to truly appreciate beauty,” and “making connections that transcend language."

What We Do

 We carry out art programs

  • Execution of art programs that foster people’s imagination, communication ability, and aesthetic sense.

We develop and disseminate art programs and shape its ideal environment

  • Program staff training initiatives
  • EGAKU Program delivery and support
  • Art program design and implementation
  • Disseminating creative development programs for educators
  • Organization of events and exhibitions

We engage in event organization, advocacy, and educational research through art

  • Research of art education and education of creativity in Japan and around the world
  • Partnerships and joint research with other organizations
  • Organization of research seminars, symposiums, and conferences
  • Advocacy activities informed by our research
  • Publication of research and other activities